Modular Combo Wet/Dry

Our Modular Combo Wet/Dry adds a water slide to the traditional bouncer, allowing your guests to go from bouncing to splashing in a flash. Just remember that everyone around the splash pool is at risk to get soaked! The Modular Combo Wet/Dry is perfect for any mix of kids, and is a great combo for any party. 


Battle Axes 

The perfect thrill game to enjoy some friendly competition! Throw the axes and hit the target to beat your opponent. 14’x10’x12’ 


Cliff Jump Jr. 

Calling all Junior Daredevils! Are you brave enough to scale the cliff and jump off the rocky summit? This is a great inflatable for parties and events, one the kids will surely love! 


40 Ft Obstacle Course 

Our 40 Ft. Obstacle Course offers challenges and excitement. This inflatable takes participants through plenty of climbing and descending along the way! Participants will facilitate by maneuvering skills and by building confidence. The kids are guaranteed to love hours of enjoyable physical activity with this 40 Ft. Obstacle Course. 


18 Ft Slide Double Lane 

Our 18 Ft Slide Double Lane is just the thing your party needs, this water slide has dual slides so two can slide down at once, and the slides have double drops to make kids bounce twice before splashing into the splash pool at the bottom. The attached ladder offers easy access, a mesh tarp at top keeps the sun off, tall side bumpers keep them in their lane, and the splash pool is the perfect catch and release. 


34 Ft Slip’n Slide 

Nothing can beat those summer memories of joy and refreshment when sliding on our 34 Ft Slip’n Slide in the parent’s backyard! With our Slip ‘n Slide your summer day will be filled with laughter and unforgettable memories to share! Our Slip’n Slide is great for kids at any party, on any day.