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18 Ft Slide Double Lane 

Our 18 Ft Slide Double Lane is just the thing your party needs, this water slide has dual slides so two can slide down at once, and the slides have double drops to make kids bounce twice before splashing into the splash pool at the bottom. The attached ladder offers easy access, a mesh tarp at top keeps the sun off, tall side bumpers keep them in their lane, and the splash pool is the perfect catch and release. 


18Ft Slide Double Lane

34 Ft Slip’n Slide 

Nothing can beat those summer memories of joy and refreshment when sliding on our 34 Ft Slip’n Slide in the parent’s backyard! With our Slip ‘n Slide your summer day will be filled with laughter and unforgettable memories to share! Our Slip’n Slide is great for kids at any party, on any day. 


Slip'n Slide

Modular Combo Wet/Dry 

Our Modular Combo Wet/Dry adds a water slide to the traditional bouncer, allowing your guests to go from bouncing to splashing in a flash. Just remember that everyone around the splash pool is at risk to get soaked! The Modular Combo Wet/Dry is perfect for any mix of kids, and is a great combo for any party. 


Modular Combo Wet Dry

66 Ft Obstacle 

Our 66 Ft. Obstacle Course is fun and challenging with a full sized 18ft slide on the end.  If you have an active party then obstacle courses should be your inflatable of choice. The two lane design will allow you to get more people through the unit which will allow you to easily put over 200 people an hour at larger events! This obstacle course offers great open sight lines easy to see through so you will have great views of the kids playing inside and be able to easily keep a close eye on them. 


66Ft Obstacle

16 Ft Slide 

Our 16 Ft. Slide is a great addition to any kids birthday party. This slide will add excitement to any fun party. The kids will love it and can slide for hours! Has a ladder to walk up, shade at the top to block the sun, and a slide that leads to a safe landing place. 


16Ft Slide

Mini Combo 

With a slide wide enough to fit two, our Mini Combo Bounce House will have the kids bouncing till they drop. This brightly-colored bounce house has strong mesh walls to keep everybody bouncing safely. Once the kids get tired of bouncing they can exit by sliding down the slide. Perfect for party fun! 


Mini Combo

13 Ft. Slide 

Our 13 Ft. Slide kicks off your summer right. Everyone will love sliding down and landing in the splash pool at the bottom. This is the perfect slide to get cooled down at a summer party. Great for everyone, kids and adults! 


  • 2 Available 

13Ft Slide

19 Ft Double Lane Slide 

Our 19 Ft. Double Lane Slide is a great choice for a big party with hyper kids. There is two slides to slide down for friendly competition of who can finish the fastest. A great slide for any party and is fully bright with the colors red, yellow, green, and blue! 


19Ft Double Lane Slide

18 Ft Slides 

Our 18 Ft. Slide is a great way to have fun at a small party. Great for small events like a get together or company party. Sliding down the slide is very fun and exciting! This slide is great for your next get together! 


  • 2 Available 

18Ft Slide

18 Ft. Double Lane –

The Accelerator 

Our 18 Ft. Double Lane – The Accelerator has a set of steps in the middle for each rider to go up. It has a lane on each side for each rider to go down into a inflatable wall. This slide is very bright and colorful! The Accelerator is perfect for fast fun! 


The Accelerator-18Ft Double Lane

Dual Lane 13 Ft Slide 

No matter what event this 13 Ft. Dual Lane Slide will become the main attraction. This inflatable will be a perfect addition to any party. The 13 Ft. Dual Lane Slide is a great inflatable for the kids to go have fun. 


Dual Lane 13Ft Slide
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