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Battle Axes 

The perfect thrill game to enjoy some friendly competition! Throw the axes and hit the target to beat your opponent. 14’x10’x12’ 



Cliff Jump Jr. 

Calling all Junior Daredevils! Are you brave enough to scale the cliff and jump off the rocky summit? This is a great inflatable for parties and events, one the kids will surely love! 



Pedestal Joust 

Our Pedestal Joust inflatable game is ready to start up a jousting tournament in minutes! This inflatable jousting game is a great addition to any outdoor event! The Pedestal Joust inflatable is a great way for kids to have fun in a safe way. If a kid falls off they will land on a soft padded mat, and the joust are not hurtful. 



33 Ft Obstacle

 Our 33 Ft. Obstacle is the ideal inflatable for family fun. There is two entrances for a friendly competition with each other. With mesh sides, so you can watch the action as it happens. This inflatable is the perfect match for a fun action packed day among kids. 


33Ft Obstacle

40 Ft Obstacle Course 

Our 40 Ft. Obstacle Course offers challenges and excitement. This inflatable takes participants through plenty of climbing and descending along the way! Participants will facilitate by maneuvering skills and by building confidence. The kids are guaranteed to love hours of enjoyable physical activity with this 40 Ft. Obstacle Course. 


40Ft Obstacle Course

66 Ft Obstacle 

Our 66 Ft. Obstacle Course is fun and challenging with a full sized 18ft slide on the end.  If you have an active party then obstacle courses should be your inflatable of choice. The two lane design will allow you to get more people through the unit which will allow you to easily put over 200 people an hour at larger events! This obstacle course offers great open sight lines easy to see through so you will have great views of the kids playing inside and be able to easily keep a close eye on them. 


66Ft Obstacle

80 Ft Obstacle Course

 Our 80ft Obstacle course rental has two lanes for two people to race to the end. At the end you can climb to the top of the bounce house and race your friend down the twin dry slides. This bounce house rental is amazing, brightly colored and as always a blast! 


80Ft Obstacle Course

 Wrecking Ball 

The Wrecking Ball is an extreme inflatable game. At any party, the Wrecking Ball will become the main attraction. A very interactive and fun game for the adults and kids. 


Wrecking Ball
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