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Modular Combo Wet/Dry 

Our Modular Combo Wet/Dry adds a water slide to the traditional bouncer, allowing your guests to go from bouncing to splashing in a flash. Just remember that everyone around the splash pool is at risk to get soaked! The Modular Combo Wet/Dry is perfect for any mix of kids, and is a great combo for any party. 


Modular Combo Wet Dry

Mini Combo 

With a slide wide enough to fit two, our Mini Combo Bounce House will have the kids bouncing till they drop. This brightly-colored bounce house has strong mesh walls to keep everybody bouncing safely. Once the kids get tired of bouncing they can exit by sliding down the slide. Perfect for party fun! 


Mini Combo

Open Bouncer

Enjoy the fresh air in our Open Bouncer! Our Open Bouncer is full of excitement, and can accommodate many children at one time. This is a perfect bouncer for parties that will not have access to water hook-ups. It features fully enclosed inflatable walls, an inflatable exit slide, and velcro closing entry/exit way. 


Castle Bouncer

 The Castle Bouncer is the perfect bouncer for an average party and would be a great choice for your kid’s birthday party! It will have the kids jumping through the day while having a bunch of fun. 


  • 3 Available 


Sports Arena

 The Sports Arena inflatable is a great bouncer for the average party. It is sports themed and is a blast of fun. The Sports Arena is a great addition to any sport theme and will have the guys going crazy. 



Fun House 

The Fun House inflatable is the best inflatable for an average birthday party. Fun House is the classic jumper and can make any kid excited at a party. This inflatable allows for many participants to jump there way through the day. You and the kids will have tons of fun if you decide to choose this inflatable. 


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